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Focus Ring Studios is a group of professionals joined as a ring understanding each other's passion and love for film making. We specialize and challenge ourselves to explore, research, adapt and craft an exceptional and beautifully executed motion work.

Driven by the most powerful creative ideas and challenges, we bring media expertise to your project and make sure that your vision is rendered correctly, so that your product creates a memorable moment, more than the purpose it was meant to serve. Needless to say, memories always stay with you and there is always something there to be remembered, giving you the extra mileage you need.

Whatever be the size of your company or the nature of your market, Focus Ring Studios have the complete media solutions just for you.

Our Services

At Focus Ring studios we make sure that your product goes through proper Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. Our expert team will execute your project within your given timeframe with exceptional accuracy and quality. We make sure that all your media related needs are taken care of.


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There's nothing more inspiring for us than young minds who are genuinely passionate about art. If you're serious about putting your skills to work, either as freelancers or full time employee, get in touch with us. We'd be delighted to talk to you.


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Focus Ring Studios
Chalakuzhy Road, Pattom,
Trivandrum, Kerala-695 004
Telephone: +91 95 67 173060
E-mail: info@focusringstudios.com
E-mail: focusringstudios@gmail.com

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